Esoterik Body Art

We hope you find our way around our site with ease.  We are here to answer any of your questions, help you out with what you seek, and hope you  are part of an awesome experience.

Here at  Esoterik  Body  Art we strive to provide a service that will fill all your tattoo and piercing needs.  We want you to have a professional experience and have the feeling of  hanging out with friends.  All clients are treated equal.

We are approved by the Alberta Health Board with all licences up to date.  All needles are sterile and single use only.  Our shop has a sterilizing machine (ultra clave)  steam sterilizer Test strips and spore samples are used to indicate the machine is operating correctly.

So……   if you want to spoil yourself, fix the old, distract yourself, embrace the memory of a friend, or cause yourself a touch of pain…… come say Hello to us at Esoterik

Just so you know…. once you start its hard to stop!